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Sweat Wars - About Us
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We want you to accomplish something amazing and breathe life into your dreams. Without motivation, you won't have the desire to be active. Motivation starts with visualizing what you want to do and creating an image of who you want to be.


Seeing others accomplish something amazing gives us the inspiration and confidence to achieve amazing things ourselves. We're hoping we can be a source of inspiration for you to achieve your goals.

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It is only through effort that you will achieve success. Creating goals is step 1, measuring your progress to those goals is step 2, but the most important step is to get active and stay active. Believe in yourself, have the strength to overcome obstacles, and you will achieve what you set out to do.

Cre8tiv Motion Studios - Our Mission

Cre8tiv Motion Studios was founded in 2011 with the purpose of helping people get active and stay active. You will hear the word 'active' from us a lot. That's because we want you to be physically active as much as you can. Research has shown that as a general population, our physical condition is getting worse, not better. The incidence of cardiovascular disease and obesity is on the rise. But why is this occurring? Well, we drive more, we watch a lot of TV, and well yes, we can sit in front of a computer for hours a day, both at work and at home. And the food that a lot of people eat doesn't help. Just read the labels at your local supermarket. We have gotten away from the fresh, unprocessed foods in place of foods of convenience. So it's no wonder that we are burning fewer calories and consuming a lot of 'empty' calories, leading us to becoming an unhealthier society.

Our objective is to get you to participate in fitness activities and recognize your efforts. It's also not just about high intensity activities. Although we want you to sweat because without it, your body probably isn't working hard enough to improve to a level that you want it to, we also value walks around the neighbourhood park.

So what is so special about Cre8tiv Motion Studios? We don't claim to have the holy grail of fitness apps. But we do have a lot of experience making video games. Oh no, aren't video games one of the things that is contributing to this negative trend? Well, like anything, playing video games in moderation can be a good thing. Video games help us develop our problem solving skills and give us satisfaction and gratification for the efforts we put in. We figure, why not try to apply some of the core principles of game design to help people get active. So that is what we are trying to do.

We're not just game designers though. We are certified fitness trainers dedicated to motivating and inspiring people to become more active.


Be Cre8tiv

Be cre8tiv with your activities and try something different such as dancing, team sports or martial arts. The opportunities are only limited by your willingness to try new things.


As you can see, we like to have fun. We're not thrill-seekers, just people that want to enjoy life to the fullest. Although we like snowboarding and surfing, it's just as refreshing to take a walk around our neighbourhood golf course or hike in the North Shore mountains. Vancouver is a great place to live because it provides an endless source of fitness activities. Make the most of what your region has to offer.

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