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10k Run

Be a source of inspiration for others. It's about what you achieved and how you achieved it. Maybe you ran a 10k race, lost a few pounds or even climbed a mountain. Send us your testimonial of how we have helped you achieve your active lifestyle goals.

It's Great to be Active with Others

Jogging in Park

One of our tips to success is to find workout buddies with whom you can do your activities. It's easy to miss a workout or not to go for that jog. But if you know there is somebody waiting for you, it will be a lot harder miss. If you don't have anybody to workout with, then group classes are a great alternative. Seeing the effort that other people are putting out will inspire you to keep pushing yourself. You don't need the same person to do all of your activities with either. You can have a separate jogging buddy from your gym buddy. Just try to find somebody that has the same level of motivation as you. Your workout buddies are great to share your fitness journey with and will make the experience a lot more rewarding.