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Sweat Wars Has Launched!!!

July 1, 2012

Sweat Wars Homepage

After months of testing has launched and is now open to the public for registration.

We know it's not easy to get active and stay active. Our lives are busy as it is with school, work and maybe even kids. When can anyone find the time to go to the gym? It's a world-wide dilemma which is shown by the fact that the BMI (body mass index) for almost every country in the world is increasing. We do less physical labour since more people are sitting at a desk all day. Then we go home, surf the net with our computer or watch TV. It's no wonder that we as a society are trending towards higher levels of obesity.

To try to reverse this trend, we created Sweat Wars to help YOU stay motivated and recognize your efforts for being active. It's not always easy to take that first step or to keep taking the next steps to living a healthy and active lifestyle. But through Sweat Wars, we have created some key tools for you to stay on track.

So why did we call it Sweat Wars? It's a constant battle within ourselves to keep doing the right things to live a healthier lifestyle. It's so easy to miss a workout or not to go for that walk that you promised yourself you'd do. We've also added some competitive elements if you want to take your program to the next level. Get your friends involved and challenge them. There's nothing like a head to head challenge to keep you motivated. Let the battle begin.

Get ready to join the Sweat Wars journey to better health and fitness. Time is something that we can't get back, so start now, because tomorrow never comes. Live and act today!!


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